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18 Wheels Of Steel Download

18 wheels of steel download

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Photographed 27 Aug 2001 at Portsmouth at the 2001 Festival of the Sea, passing in front of the GRAND TURK, a replica 18th century man of war of the type that took place at the Battle of Trafalgar.
HSL 102 is the only remaining example of her class and the only RAF HSL restored and in operation.
These types of rescue craft saved the lives of more than 11,000 aircrew during the Second World War.
HSL 102 was re launched by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother on 5 July 1996.
Type: 100 class HSL. Designer: Fred Cooper.
Builder: British Powerboat Company of Hythe.
Year built: 1936.
Hull material: mahogany, single/double diagonal.
Service: Royal Air Force. Role; Air/sea rescue in the English Channel and North Sea.
Later, transferred to the Royal Navy for target towing duties.
Length: 64 ft. Beam: 14 ft. Draught: 3ft 6in.
Engines: 3x 500hp Napier Sea Lions. Max speed: 40 knots.
After restoration;
Displacement 16 tonnes. Engines: 3x420hp Cummins diesels, 6 cylinder, 8.3 litres capacity. Fuel capacity: 500gallons. Range: 400 miles @28 knots.
Max speed: 38 knots.
Location: Bucklers Hard.
HSL 100 was designed by Fred Cooper, who also designed Campbells' Bluebirds.
HSL 102 was one of the first 3 production 100 class HSL 's to be ordered by the RAF . A total of22 were built, only HSL 102 remains.
She entered service with the RAF in 1937 and was transferred to the Navy for target towing duties in 1943.
HSL 102 in action.
During her RAF career, she took part in the Dunkirk evacuation, was shot up by a Messerschmitt 109 off Calshot during the battle of Britain and the radio operator killed. During a two month period in 1941 she rescued 38 aircrew from the North Sea, including the crew of two German bombers. As a result, in July 1941, she was inspected by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
Her Navy career was uneventful. She was decommissioned and paid off in 1946.
Rebuilt/restored: Powerboat Restorations. 1993/1996.
HSL 102 was located in Mill Creek Dartmouth and purchased by the current owners. She had been used as a houseboat for many years, complete with steel deckhouse and central heating! She was however in a very sorry state. She was completely stripped out, towed to Plymouth, then transported by road to Fawley Power Station where National Power had kindly provided a disused parking lot and buildings where the restoration commenced in an inflatable building. The hull required substantial work, new bulkheads, new frames, new transom and new deck. The port bow and starboard quarter were substantially rebuilt. Epoxy resins were used extensively and the entire hull and decks were epoxy/glass sheathed. A new wheel house and sky lights were added, all to the original drawing. The boat is finished to the original colour scheme using two-pack polyurethane paint. All machinery, (with the exception of the V drive), engines, gearboxes, shafts, propellers, stem gear, internal and external fitting are new. The crews' quarters and skippers ' cabin are fitted out to the original design and provide good "family" accommodation.
HSL 102 was re-launched at Calshot on 5 July 1996 by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
Used in film "Enigma" (where she rescued the hero for Kate Winslet), "Vintage and Veteran" and "Speed Machines".
Acted as "Royal Barge" for The Duke of Edinburgh in Portland Harbour and The Duke of Kent in Southampton, 1996 and 2000 Southampton Boat Shows.
Supported by Bae Systems at the Festivals of the Sea in 1998 and 2001.



Rusty steel wheel, drawn to industrial decay at the moment for some reason, in color this is gritty and very very red - yet with the lomo effect applied it gets an amazing depth and contrast.

Yes im happy with this, I actually really like it but that poses a problem. Ive had issues with many people being unable to grasp concepts such as darkness and shadow in images and it makes me hesitant to post it here and here comments about it being 'dark'

So Im going to be upfront. This image is MEANT to be dark, its part of the effect of this type of image., its intentional and please dont comment that you dont like it cause its dark because thats missing the whole point.

If you are not sure about light in photography I encourage people to seek out some information and read about the uses of contrast and shadow in images - there is a whole world out there which begs to be discovered and explored.

PS this image works best LARGE.

18 wheels of steel download

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